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Styling Products

How to use the correct styling product for you hair.


In quantities that range from ping pong/tennis balls, depending on your hair length. It is lighter than using a cream and results in less use of hairspray. Distribute the product evenly throughout the hair, then brush it in and blow dry.


Normally are a maximum hold, which can be difficult to wash out. Which is why it works best with short/pixie cuts due to its thick texture.


Gives weight and texture like a wax but also gives it a bit more shine. You should rub the product between your palms before applying, just so all the product is evenly distributed. Do not use a large amount of pomade, as it does a lot with a little amount.


Can come in spray, foam and gel form. It aims to add height to the roots of the hair to make hair more bouncy. Volumizer's tend to work best for those with straight, limp hair or curly hair that tends to go flat.



For those who have fine or slightly wavy hair, looking to make their hair appear thicker and adds volume. Salt sprays, gritty creams are good texturizers however they must not be applied to the roots as it makes the hair greasy. Apply after styling your hair by spraying midway down to the ends of your hair and scrunch upwards.


Good to use after drying to seal the cuticles, reduce the amount of frizz and give the hair an extra bit of shine. Apply mainly through the ends and mid section, not at the roots as this will make the hair feel heavier.


It has many different varieties of hold, but you should always be able to brush out the spray after having used it. You should hold the can around 12 inches away from your head, if it is too close you will end up with one area of build up which can make the hair too stiff.

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