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How to choose a haircut/style

Choosing a haircut or hairstyle that you like may seem quite easy, but when you actually get the cut you may end up hating it due to it not suiting you.

We have made a breakdown for how to choose a style for yourself that will actually suit you.

Easy to manage - Short Hair

If you have straight hair, go for a pixie cut, they are very short so will require nothing to be done style wise (unless you wanted to). However they do require more regular trims than a lot of other styles as the growth will be more noticeable. Don't have a pixie cut if you have naturally curly/wavy hair, as this will require it to be straightened everyday, which is not easily manageable.

Easy to manage - Long Hair

Having longer hair doesn't require the time or money for regular haircuts, this is because the growth won't be as noticeable as having shorter hair. Also by having long hair you can easily put it into a ponytail, braid or bun to keep it out of the way. The best part of having long hair is that it works with all hair types (straight, wavy, curly).


If you wear glasses you should consider if your haircut will work with your frame of choice. Glasses that are wide or have large frames should not have a hair cut with a fringe as you need to open up your face instead of having too much going on. Frames that are fancy should not be overpowered with an intricate style, keep it simple yet effective, try an one length cut all around.


Long Face

A bob works best for people who have long faces, this is because it adds width to the face appearing to balance it out. Avoid a hairstyle that has one length as it will make the face appear longer, ensure there are layers/feathering or consider getting a fringe cut in.

Angular Face

Opt for longer hair with soft layers around the chin and below, this will soften the sharp angles of the face. Soft waves in the hair will work wonders for this kind of face shape as it draws attention away from the angles.

Round Face

Hairstyles that give visual height on top, or something with height and volume at the crown as this will lengthen a round face. Layers/feathering around the face will visually narrow and sculpt the face, appearing less round.

Oval Face

Is the most versatile face shape, they tend to pull off any kind of hairstyle.

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