Meeting our team

John Hurley

"I'm the Alan Sugar of the team. My team win me over with tea, no sugar.

With a wealth of knowledge, within the hair industry, in a short space of time of only 6 years you can guarantee a high level of service. I've always learnt from previous job roles in other companies of how not to do things when it comes to exceptional customer service.


No task too big, no task too small. Be good at our Philosophy or You're Fired!!"

Director and Head Barber


Bio currently being written

Salon Manager, Stylist and Barber


"You'll see me and definitely hear me. I'm a dab hand with a colouring brush and the floor agrees! I'll never fade into the background when a man is in the salon, needing a hair cut that is".

Senior Stylist and Barber


"I'm the lady who has been here forever, since the first day the door opened as HHD.

I love my job and enjoy working with my team mates. There is nothing like team work, it keeps a happy mood in the place where I work.

I've been hairdressing for 20 years and qualified in both ladies and gents hair. There is nothing more pleasing than multitasking. It what us women are good at."

Senior Barber and Stylist


"I'm the second longest member of staff at HHD and a Level 3 senior stylist in European and Afro Caribbean hair. There is nothing better than being around people for a chin wag.

I have recently been on maternity and it's great to be back doing something I love.

I'm the neat freak that just can't have anything messy, including hair."

Senior Stylist


I'm the newby of the salon. I'm loving my new job and currently doing my appreticeship in hairdressing.

I'm always looking for new models to help with my apprenticeship and confidence.

Salon Junior Apprentice


"I'm the female 'Harry Potter' of HHD. The one stuck in the office under the stairs. My face is rarely known but I'll remember yours. Social media is my game. I'll be the one you chat to.

I love cleaning the fluff out of the tumble dryer filter!"

Administration Assistant

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