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Colour Advice

You must have had a skin test at the latest 48 hours before your appointment. It would help us if you could advise us on any previous colours you have used especially Schwarzkopf Live.

Here is HHD's Advice for ensuring your colour is the best it can be.

How to prepare the hair for a colouring

If you have washed your hair the day before or on the day then ensure no conditioner is to be used, this is because conditioner stops colour from fully reaching the hair.

'Dirty hair' (hair that hasn't been washed in 3-4 days) is best.

No oils should be put into the hair for 24 hours before hand.


Choosing the correct colour

To enable that the correct colour is being chosen, it is best to come into the salon for a consultation. We will carry out a strand test, to ensure that your desired colour could be achieved as colours differ depending on the hair that you have.


After care

Once you have had your colouring service, it is important to keep your hair in a good condition. This can be done by using a conditioning mask once every 3 weeks if you have a blonde colour, or once every month if you have darker hair. Another way to keep your hair in a good condition is to use oils, this could be a light oil or a deeper oil.


Products not to use after a colour

After having a colour it is best to use salon shampoo's or a colour shampoo. Never use Head & Shoulders shampoo as it is too strong and will strip the colour from your hair.


Using a blow dryer & straighteners

When using a hairdryer ensure that you have it on the lowest setting as otherwise it will damage the hair. Also do not dry over the same area for a continuous amount of time as it may discolour the hair.


Chemical services not to have on bleached hair

Never have a perm on hair that has been bleached or put bleach on hair that has been permed. This is because chemicals in each of the services react with each other and will cause significant damage.


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