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Looking after Highlights

Highlights tend to be a mix of natural, bleached and dyed hair. It is essential to care for your colours so you don't lose tone or your hair becomes weak/dry.


Use shampoos/conditioners specifically for coloured hair. They may be colour save, toned or blonde shampoo/conditioner, you may even wish to use silver shampoo/conditioner if you prefer ashy blonde or platinum rather than golden.

Colour, especially bleach or high lift colours can cause the hair to become dry. Use a hydrating/nourishing hair mask to maintain it's natural shine and softness. Most masks only need to stay on for 10 minutes and can be done once a week or even less frequently depending on it's condition.

Avoid using hot water when washing, this will dry out the hair and cause damage. Instead use warm or even cool water, this will also make it look shinier.

Don't wash your hair everyday, you will be removing natural oils from your hair. Aim to wash every other day or even every third day.


Use colour protectors to protect the tone of your hair especially if you are going to be in direct sunlight. Just apply in the hair before leaving the house, they can be either chemical or natural ones. Sun and heat are not good for highlights. Avoid heat (straighteners, curlers and dryers), if you do use them ensure to use a heat protection product. We recommend Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Flatliner.


You should wait long enough until the hair has grown and you can see the root before retouching highlights. If your hair is very light on the ends then we may suggest just getting your roots done instead of applying to the whole of your hair.

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