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Perm Advice

Once a perm service has been completed the service is irreversible and would need to grow out.

Skin and strand tests must be carried out to ensure that the solution will not react with your skin and that the curl will take. Also an incompatibility test will be carried out to ensure no metallic salts are present in the hair and an elasticity test to ensure the hair is strong enough to handle the solution, giving the desired effects.

We will look at your hair to see if it is coloured, what the texture is like and if it is in good condition, this is just to ensure the use of the correct perm solution (intense or mild).

If you are taking any medication, you should inform us as they may affect the perm, causing a reaction.

Perms will not be done on bleached hair.
On appointment

If you wash your hair the day before your appointment, do not use conditioner.

Try not to use any products in your hair after washing, as these products are most likely to contain metallic salts which will damage your scalp and hair in the perming process.

When the perm solution is on your hair you must not bend forward, this will prevent the solution from entering your eyes or mouth.

Once the solution has been applied you must not consume hot drinks during the processing time as this may cause the hair to over process to an undesired effect.


Once a perm service has been completed do not wash your hair for up to 1 week as this may weaken the perm. Also you should not have your hair coloured within 1 week of the service being performed.

When blow drying your hair, use a diffuser to help keep the curl bouncy, you may also use a curl cream to enhance the curl.

Do not have bleach applied to the hair after a perm service, this being performed will result in the hair being weakened considerably and cause irreversible damage.

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